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God Guns and Trump T-Shirt
Jenny (Austin, TX)
My son loved it

Got this shirt for my son for Christmas. He loved it!

The Best

Great tank top - it was everything I thought it was going to be. Fantastic.

Good time at a Trump Rally

I had a good time at Trumps Rally talking to people and getting good complements. People wanted to know where I got my mug shot shirt because they seen other shirts and liked mine best. It’s a fun shirt and I do recommend one. Thank you.

Everyone gives it a thumbs up

Everyone is so CHICKEN I'm treated like a HERO when people see me wearing this shirt! It's a testament to how brow beaten and AFRAID the Democrats smear campaign has made the general public! I shouldn't be the only one wearing this message in public! Americans have become so INFECTED by the media's propaganda! It's a SHAME! I'M GLAD TO BE AN AMERICAN THAT STANDS UP FOR OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! THIS SHIRT KICKS ASS AND TELLS THE TRUTH! Along with my other shirt, Truth Upsets Most People!

Trump DeSantis 2024 T-Shirt
Newport _. (Henderson, NV)
Best shirt ever!!!

Not only is the message as real as it gets, the shirt is so much higher quality then others, very comfortable and great fit!!

The Quicker Effer Upper

I have gotten so many compliments on this Tshirt. I love it! 💚💚💚

Go President DeSantis

I was a Trump fan in the past until last year I saw All that Mr DeSantis was doing for Florida and know he can do the same for our Country. Mr DeSantis is a classier Person with almost the same priorities as Trump. And know he is a better candidate for President and will do all I Can…


Great shirt

True to size and good quality material. I am pleased with my purchase.


"When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus."

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to be tolerant of a society who has sympathy only for the misfits, only for the maladjusted, only for the criminal, only for the loser." - Vince Lombardi

Imagine feeling so f*cking important that you have to be represented as a minority in an already minority group that's a minority in a slightly bigger minority group. It never stops, and the Oppression Olympics continue adding new genders and events on the daily.

At this point they should just turn the teleprompter around and let us read the propaganda ourselves.

Makes perfect sense to me... we got the Treasury Sec speaking on foreign policy, the Transportation Sec speaking on inclusion, and the DOD speaking on LGBTQLMNOP issues. What a clusterfuck.

The perfect gift for an American family.

Bought as a gift, it arrived quick and loo...

Bought as a gift, it arrived quick and looks great!

Exceptionally created. Tee is true-to-size...

Exceptionally created. Tee is true-to-size. Loved by person intended for & brought humor to all. ❤️
Fast shipping, also.👍🏼

I'm so happy with my shirts I purchased ....

I'm so happy with my shirts I purchased . The shirts are comfortable it is actual size as they saying is .They look great I was surprised about how great the quality of the shirt is . The price was reasonable. I'm just really happy with the service because because I purchased them and within less than a week I received it. Thank you very much Natalie

Trump Mugshot T

I just received my order, although there was an address mix up, the product is great! Thank you and I would order more for Trump supporters! 😀

Came Exactly as Expected!

Love the shirt. My father owned this shirt and wore it often. He has recently passed so I wanted to have one of my own in his honor!

These Colors Don't Run They Reload 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

Trump: Take America Back 2024! T-Shirt
Spencer J. (Mahomet, IL)
Hell yeah trump 2024

Mass produce i wear fuck joe biden every day and stay up late at night just to make sure its clean for the next day love love love it

Trump: Take America Back 2024! T-Shirt
Winston C. (El Paso, TX)
Vet for Trump

Fast shipping

Joe & The Hoe Gotta Go FlexFit Baseball Cap
Gagandeep S.H. (El Dorado Hills, CA)

Absolutely best !!

Terrific shirt

The best ever!

Love It

Great looking shirt. Can't wait for warmer weather to wear it!!


Absolutely me!!

Love this hat!

Perfect fit, makes a statement. Highly recommend.

Joe & The Hoe Gotta Go FlexFit Baseball Cap

Wanted mugshot t shirt

Have not received the item I order yet I'm guessing due to its postal mail delivery service still waiting my man wants his shirt